Monday, 12 August 2013

Cosmetic Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

I'm dying to try on this mascara after reading this...

Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara! by Aisling

Decided I'd do a very quick review on my favourite mascara at the moment!
When I say at the moment, I really mean for the past year at the least. And I have no interest in the slightest of changing it. Unless of course, they take it off the market. Which will cause me to cry on end for a few hours.. No joke!
This stuff is absolutely amazing. I'm not usually a fan of the two step mascara's as I find they clump and I somehow end up with black flakes all over my face after a few hours as a result of the clumping..
This isn't like that at all, even though I do find it looks much nicer after 2 weeks of use once it's kind of "broken in" if that makes sense..
These pictures were taken maybe two days after the mascara was opened for the first time but this is just to give the idea of the effect given after each step. Usually I'd be wearing eye shadow and liner, but there is nothing on my eyes other than the mascara in these photos. (And I have foundation on and my eyebrows are filled in but that shouldn't make a difference here!)

My eyes with no mascara

After step one

After step two
As you can see, even after step one my eye lashes look longer and really separated. This looks very natural and could be good for day time. Personally, I like to wear a lot of eye make up and rather the look after step two, even for during the day. :)
Hope this helped! :)

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