Thursday, 15 August 2013

Spun Sugar Nails

These funky stripes are so easy to do. Watch the video and see how you can transform your nails into something wild..

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cosmetic Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

I'm dying to try on this mascara after reading this...

Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara! by Aisling

Decided I'd do a very quick review on my favourite mascara at the moment!
When I say at the moment, I really mean for the past year at the least. And I have no interest in the slightest of changing it. Unless of course, they take it off the market. Which will cause me to cry on end for a few hours.. No joke!
This stuff is absolutely amazing. I'm not usually a fan of the two step mascara's as I find they clump and I somehow end up with black flakes all over my face after a few hours as a result of the clumping..
This isn't like that at all, even though I do find it looks much nicer after 2 weeks of use once it's kind of "broken in" if that makes sense..
These pictures were taken maybe two days after the mascara was opened for the first time but this is just to give the idea of the effect given after each step. Usually I'd be wearing eye shadow and liner, but there is nothing on my eyes other than the mascara in these photos. (And I have foundation on and my eyebrows are filled in but that shouldn't make a difference here!)

My eyes with no mascara

After step one

After step two
As you can see, even after step one my eye lashes look longer and really separated. This looks very natural and could be good for day time. Personally, I like to wear a lot of eye make up and rather the look after step two, even for during the day. :)
Hope this helped! :)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

ASOS Naughty but Nice Cupcake Lip Gloss set

What do you think of keeping 'sweet' lip gloss in your purse?

Cosmetic Review: Bourjois Mascaras

I came across Bourjois Mascaras somewhere somehow... And thought, 'hey, maybe it's good to explore some other brand of mascaras although I have been loyal to Elianto's waterproof mascara for more than 6 years. The waterproof result was great but the experience of removing them is always been the paint in the ass.

I have not exactly placed the order to try on the Volumizer and am all excited about it. So I googled the reviews and found out one good review of all 13 of Bourjois' mascaras. Yeah, ALL 13 different types of their mascaras. Click here to read on the review written by All Women Stalk.

When it comes to Bourjois Mascaras, there's hardly any brand that can compete with Bourjois! I love everything about them - the performance, the packaging, the fact that they actually last longer than other expensive mascaras. There are now 13 Bourjois Mascaras on the market:
  1. Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara
  2. Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara
  3. Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara
  4. Bourjois Easy Waterproof Mascara
  5. Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara
  6. Bourjois Maxi Frange Mascara
  7. Bourjois Coupe De Theatre Mascara
  8. Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara
  9. Bourjois Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara
  10. Bourjois Maxi-Fringe Waterproof Mascara
  11. Bourjois Talons Aiguilles Mascara
  12. Bourjois Pump Up The Volume Mascara
  13. Bourjois Pump Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara
But let's take a closer look at all these 13 Bourjois Mascaras and see which of them are truly worth the money!
Note: Click on the link above to read directly. =)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hair Tutorial: Easiest Pretty Pompadour

The Easiest Pretty Pompadour Tutorial You’ll Ever See - by Beautiful Shoes

This tutorial will be useful for every girl, keen on Pompadour style. Although it seems easy, if you are doing it for the first time, you may find yourself in trouble with messy, matted hair, without any way out. Follow the steps below, to make sure everything goes smooth.
1. Take the front part of your hair – your fridge
2. Start teasing it with a comb
3. Spray your hair
4. Carefully comb the hair backwards. Make sure it has enough volume on the top
5. Secure the hair with a bobby pin or two.
6. HThis is how it should look like so far
7. Time to take care of the sides. Take a small section of hair from your left side and secure it with a pin together with the fringe.
8. Repeat this with the right side and spray with a hair spray.
9. Voila – cool Pompadour style to boast

How to: Punky Ponytail Tutorial

Punky Ponytail Tutorial - by Beautiful Shoes

How about a punky pony tail? Cool idea, which is not difficult at all. Simply follow the steps below.
Step 1 Brush your hair very well. Make is at smooth as possible
Step 2 Pick up the top section of your hair. You can easily do it by using the back of a teasing comb.
Step 3 Secure this section at the top of your head
Step 4 Pick up the rest of the hair and use a band to make a loose ponytail. You need to do so, in order to concentrate only on the top section of your hair
Step 5 Start french braiding the top section right to the end of the section. Start at the front by taking three equal sized sections and begin a simple three strand braid; you will then need to take a section from the left side and add it into the closest strand in the braid. Continue this with the right side too, alternating between the left and right side. Braid back to where your crown is and neatly secure in place with a hair band.
Step 6 Carefully brush your bottom section and make a neat pony tail, which includes the end of the braid as well.
Step 7 Use a little bit of hair underneath to cover the band, which secures the ponytail Secure in place with a bobby pin, ensuring that the hair band is hidden and the ends are neatly tucked away.
Punky Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Friday, 2 August 2013

Cosmetic Review: MAC So Supreme Collection

AUGUST 1, 2013

MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review

MAC So Supreme MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
MAC So Supreme features sheer, lightweight shades for your lips in two ways: Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint and Sheen Supreme Lipstick.
Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tints are limited edition and come in eight new shades. They come in a clickable pen style, which normally I despise, BUT I have good news below about these ones!
Sheen Supreme Lipsticks come in six shades in a black lacquered tubes with a twist-up style.
MAC So Supreme 2 MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
Prêt-À-Pretty, Pleasurefruit ($17)
MAC So Supreme Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
Blushing Berry, Simply Wow, K-Wow ($20)
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Pret A Pretty Pleasurefruit MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
Prêt-À-Pretty, Pleasurefruit
Prêt-À-Pretty is a very pale warm pink/beige. This one is a very “Nicky Minaj” type shade. In other words, not easy to pull off!
Pleasurefruit is a bright warm pink and it’s utterly spectacular. It’s creamy, even and has a very slight shimmer with it. I adore it.
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Pret A Pretty MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Pleasurefruit MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint Swatches MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
K-Wow, Simply Wow, Blushing Berry
K-Wow is a pale blue-based pink. Soft and pretty.
Simply Wow is a medium cool mauve shade. Shiny and nice.
Blushing Berry is a medium cool-toned red. A little uneven, but pretty.
Ok so normally I don’t like the click-pen style applicators because you have to twist or click them FOREVER to get the gloss to come out, then they gloop out too much. These I didn’t have to twist much to get them started, and it was a good amount that came out. I love the texture of these as well. The brush is really soft and nice to use and they aren’t sticky feeling. Very shiny and slick feeling. Me like!
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint K Wow1 MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Simply Wow MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
Simply Wow
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Blushing Berry MAC So Supreme Collection Swatches and Review
Blushing Berry
Overall: I love Pleasurefruit Sheen Supreme Lipstick the most. It’s just the perfect warm pink shade! I also really like these Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tints. The applicator wasn’t a pain to work with and I like the non-sticky soft texture.
Availability: MAC starting today and International this month.
See anything here you want to try out?
Note: Not cruelty free

How to: Make Your Lips Even Sexier

Super Sexy Colourful Lips - by Beauty Zone

Let`s face it – lips are sexy! If you want them even sexier try this technique, which will make them look gorgeous
1. Cover your lips with nude powder or any other type of makeup base.
2. Use a bright lip liner to line the lips
3. Apply your favourite lipstick cover. You will notice the coverage is better than, when using it on bare lips
4. Add some lip gloss and you are now a real temptation.
The good news is that it when you apply lipstick using this method, it will last for longer.


Fashion Inspiration: Go NEON!

Extracted from Mode Malaysia facebook page

Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to: Minions Nail Art Tutorial

MINIONS!! - Despicable Me Nail Art 
Learn this super cute nail art tutorials from Chalkboard Nails.
Let the cute Minions stay with you!

Little princess flower girl hairdo

Nail Art Inspiration - 'Love the Randoms'

Another lovely photo gathered.

Cute Pedicure Nail Art

I saw this on Mode Malaysia's Fb page, could not resist but post it here to share with all of you! There are so super pretty and cute! Love the jelly-ish look on the toe. By the way, I'm not sure this is done by which manicurist but I'm suspecting the photos should be extracted from the Kitty's Nail. Anyways, I especially love the Type B becos they reminds me of Jelly Beans... yummm

How to: DIY Lipstick

DIY Matte Lipstick Tutorial - by Beauty Zone

This tutorial will show you how to experiment with your lip gloss. There is a difference between lip gloss and lipstick. If you want to know how to make lipstick effect out of a lip-gloss and enjoy matte, sexy lips, simply follow the easy steps bellow. All you need is a lip-gloss and powder blush.
1. Apply the lip gloss
2. Use your finger to apply powder blush to your lips!
Great result -matte lips in just a few seconds!
Voila – did you know this easy trick?

How to: Easy Twisted Fishtail

Easy Twisted Fishtail - by Beauty Zone

fishtail twisted
This idea will brighten your day, by providing you with a fresh and creative hair style. Simply follow the steps below and enjoy a twisted fishtail braid.

1. Pick up a hair strand from the side
2.Twist it around
3.Take a hair strand, and wrap it around the twisted оне
4. Secure it with a bobby pin as shown on the picture
5.Start fishtail braiding
6.Continue with a standard braid
7.When you are ready, secure with a bad, use medium-hold hair spray and voila.

fishtail twisted